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New Dorp Fitness Internship

CP has been mentoring the brightest college seniors entering this field for the past 12 years. Final semester internships required by the University of Florida, East Carolina University, University of Nebraska are some of the institutions that entrust their students to us for excellence in worksite experience. Students learn to apply knowledge gained from course work in a real life setting. Application of risk assessment, health history, goal setting and program design are all major components of the internship. In addition, they learn the behind-the-scene strategies that make for a successful operation such as sales, marketing, program planning and implementation and customer service. Our unique approach to fitness and business has launched former students into careers in the medical, education, physical therapy and wellness fields as well as entrepreneurship.

New Dorp Fitness Personal Training Academy –
Developing the Next Generation of All-Star Trainers!

PPTA is a one-of-a-kind educational institution that enables aspiring individuals to become successful professional personal trainers. While there is no shortage of inferior over-night certifications out there, PPTA is the only place that allows students to prepare to sit the industry standard American Council on Exercise certification exam AND gives you legitimate hands-on work experience. So upon graduation and seeking employment, you can feel comfortable answering that age-old question “do you have any experience”. With a rich history in training and mentoring college seniors entering this field you can feel at ease knowing that you are receiveing the best work-site, real life experience possible. If you can see yourself working with athletes, seniors, youth groups, leading bootcamps or helping those with weight loss goals, then this academy may be just what you’ve been waiting for! Our state-of-the-art facility utilizes the very latest strength, sports performance, post-rehab and cardio equipment. And our faculty which includes exercise physiologists, physicians, degreed personal trainers, physical therapists and licensed educators, are among the very best in this industry.

Internship Testimonials

Starting off as a young athlete, I have always had an extreme passion for fitness and working out. Studying Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Florida thoroughly educated me on the bodily response to movement in every aspect, but learning how to apply that to clients is dependent on your internship. I was unaware of that until after I was lucky enough to come across New Dorp Fitness and Phil Pennacchia.

There are so many fitness centers and gyms out there, but New Dorp Fitness truly stands out amongst them ALL. Rod quickly showed me a whole new aspect, to not just working members out, but training, correcting and educating them all with such creative and unique program design. To be quite honest, I thought I would isolate my personal training to athletes until I was a part of New Dorp Fitness under Rod’s mentoring. He inspires, teaches and leads by excellent example and I will forever say I grew a new found passion for training from under his wing. It’s been almost 6 years and a day doesn’t goes by where I think of my internship as the solid foundation to why I love my “job” and clients so much. Rod and the New Dorp Fitness family will always define what Personal Training means to me – to also inspire, teach and lead – whole heartedly- while improving the quality of lives.

Jennifer Hooke
Owner, Innerstrength Sport and Wellness, LLC
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, CSCS

I did an internship at New Dorp Fitness in the summer of 2011 and it was simply the best decision I could have made. Rod, and the rest of the staff there are all great teachers and great people; giving you the tools to make you the best personal trainer possible. Coming in I was very green, I hadn’t done any professional personal training, just making up workouts for my friends, training them at the gym, and working with a few of the athletes for my classes. New Dorp Fitness gave me the confidence and tools I needed to go out into the job market and know I was a step above the rest.

After finishing my internship I moved back home to Maryland where I got a job personal training and teaching classes in commercial fitness for Sport and Health and I work full-time in the field of corporate fitness as a Fitness Specialist for Aquila LTD. I know I sound like a broken record but doing my internship with New Dorp Fitness was the best decision I could have made. I’ve searched far and wide but I’ve had yet to find another gym even close to what they have here. New Dorp Fitness is one of a kind and truly something special.

Jon Fenton
New Dorp Fitness Intern Summer 2011
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
East Carolina University BS Health and Fitness

I completed an internship at New Dorp Fitness in the summer of 2002. The skills I gained from Rod and Risa and the rest of the staff at CP were immeasurable. I learned cutting edge techniques, how to work with clients of all types, how to manage a facility and how to build a successful business. This invaluable program has given me the confidence I needed to continue my education and now managing sports programs at Florida Institute of Technology.

Steve Salaga, PhD
Assistant Professor, Sport Management
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business
Florida Institute of Technology

The team at New Dorp Fitness knows how to create an environment that not only provides you real-world experience in an exciting and growing industry, but also challenges and builds you as an individual.

Being a personal trainer means working with clients at a very personal level, taking responsibility for their well-being, and motivating clients with a can-do attitude and a level of charisma that becomes infectious to those around you – This is not only part of being a Performax trainer, but is an attitude and lifestyle that helped me professionally.

Entering the workforce as an engineer, the client-focus I learned on the gym floor moved me to the front of the pack and put me with high-profile clients and company executives. Now my client focus and can-do attitude help find talented team members and secure customers as I build my own company.

My time on the floor at Performax refined a set of skills that have become invaluable in my professional career, and jumpstarted a lifestyle and career path that has been exciting and enjoyable!

Logan Soya
Florida Institute of Technology/Georgetown