Building Better Athletes…Guaranteed

Kids Speed School

Building Better Athletes…… GUARANTEED! No more couch potatoes or all day video gaming! In sports, SPEED will always be a number one asset!

Speed School covers everything from basic movements to athletic performance. Your child will learn correct exercise form, proper body mechanics and safe muscle building techniques while also working on their core stability, reaction time, speed and power.

New Dorp Fitness’s Speed School is sure to have you kids ahead of the game!

Kids get STRONGER, get FASTER and have a chance to make the team!

Speed School offers a 3 tier solution for all participants:

Tier 1 – Basic Training:
This beginner level program uses a fun and energetic environment to pave a lifelong path of health and fitness for your child. Larger group sizes.

Tier 2 – Athletic Performance:
An advanced level of movement training that teaches your child how to become a better athlete. Kids will learn aerobic conditioning, nutritional education and injury prevention. Instruction also focuses on multi-directional speed, as well as improving agility and increasing power. Smaller group sizes.

Tier 3 – Private Training:
Teaches the same advanced skills as Athletic Performance, but utilizes private, one-on-one training with children. This is the fastest track, whatever the sport, to enable your child to become the best!

Whether you want your child to be more active or the number one athlete on the team, this is the program for them! Athletes of all ages LOVE it and want to keep coming back!

Teen and Adult Sport Performance Training

Raise your game or take your team to the next level. Our sports performance training programs provide individualized training based on personal goals and sport-specific demands.

Our elite athlete training programs combine training, nutrition, and physical therapy to ensure optimal performance for the preseason, in-season, and off-season of any sport. All performance training services, regardless of the sport, combine training, physical therapy, and nutrition to ensure optimal performance when it counts the most. Our methodology is designed with the athlete in mind.

Services may include training assessments, nutrition consultations, and physical therapy and cardiovascular evaluations. We design individualized plans based on the information gained from these assessments.