Best life-changing 90 days of 2018 – by Donnamarie #testimonial

Best life-changing 90 days of 2018 – by Donnamarie #newdorpfitness

Loren Sperra Heart Warming Story at New Dorp Fitness

Big thank you to Phil Pennacchia from New Dorp Fitness! After 10 months of hard work and dedication I officially lost 100 pounds! If it wasn’t for his guidance and his faith I wouldn’t be where am I today! He not only helped me to change myself physically but mentally! I now believe in myself the way he always believed in me.

Joanna Tierno success story at New Dorp Fitness on Staten Island

Joanna tierno success story at New Dorp Fitness.

Ann Sweeney success story at new dorp fitness on staten island

Ann Sweeney success story at new dorp fitness on staten island.

Brandice Harr

“I worked for Phil for about two years before becoming a member. During my time there, I have seen him in action, and the massive transformations he has helped his personal training clients achieve. He has even helped me getting towards my fitness goals. In less than two weeks, after doing what he recommended, my husband began to notice that I was losing weight. I look good, feel great, and have more energy. Phil is a mastermind at what he does and anyone should be lucky and privileged to have him as a trainer.”

Ann E. Sweeney, RN, MBA

“As a senior citizen, up until recently, I was inert, doing without exercise or healthy eating habits. This all changed for the better when I hired Phil as my personal trainer at the Fitness Center in New Dorp. Now I have more upper and lower body strength and endurance, better diet, posture and vim. Phil’s individualized training focuses on the areas that need better performance with training that helps the vulnerable parts of my body ( I have rotator cuff tears in both shoulders), by strengthening those parts around it. The pace is slow enough to avoid injury, yet fast enough to feel and see improvement in my back, hands and extremities. As we age, muscle atrophy, poor posture and loss of balance are just a few of the ravages of time that we face. I feel the personal training I’ve received from Phil, a former body builder, has made those negative outcomes of older age, much less of a possibility.”



AFTER“I am a stay at home mother of two, Vice President of their School PTO, tennis player and wife. My days are full running from here to there.

I have always been active but never seeing the results. I never knew what my full potential was. Running 2 miles was difficult. The trainers at New Dorp Fitness pushed me to my full extent. Now I can run 6 miles with no problem!

The one noticeable difference is the way everyone cares. They (New Dorp Fitness Staff) really care about how you are doing. Other places just go through the routine and take their money, but not this Club. It feels like a family. All the trainers have done their part to help me. They are always there when I need them.

I could never have done this by myself. I reached my first goal with no problems and I am slowly working on my next one. They have paved the path and now it is up to me. But knowing they are standing behind me, pushing me, I know I will succeed with meeting my new goal!”


“I am a stay at home mom to three active children. With a milestone birthday coming up it made me realize I needed to improve my overall level of health and fitness.



Shortly after joining New Dorp Fitness, I was asked to participate in a “Biggest Loser” contest. Being of a competitive spirit, this was just the kick start I needed. I began a weight loss/fitness program that consisted of logging my food, regular exercise including weight training, and cardio.

With weight loss tips, personal training, and classes – I’ve lost 29 pounds, exceeding my goal. New Dorp Fitness really does focus on the individual. My program was specifically tailored to meet my needs and goals. My progress was monitored regularly by the staff who are always encouraging.

Another key component of my success is the MEMBERS. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging. As cliche as it sounds, the Staff and members at New Dorp Fitness really are like family.”