John Paul Peng Success Story #testimonial

Loving every minute of it!

John Paul Peng short review for master coach Phil Pennacchia and how did he felt in the fitness studio.

Keith E. Fiandra success story in New Dorp Fitness

Keith E. Fiandra

Gained : 60 Ibs

Before  : 140 Ibs

After : 200 Ibs

I’ve been personally trained by Master Coach Phil Pennacchia for 2 years and I can confidently say that the mental and physical strength, discipline and mindset that I developed with Phil is the cornerstone for my work ethic today.

What separates Phil from other trainers is his confidence in YOU. It doesn’t matter who you are or how impossible your goals are Phil will believe in you every step of the way both physically and mentally.

The fact that Phil helped me build up to be a lean athlete (from a 140lb skinny kid to a 200lb power-lifting man able to Deadlift and Squat more than twice my weight) hails in comparison to the mental fortitude and discipline I will carry with me for the rest of my life to chase any dream or goal I desire. Put your trust in Phil Pennachia, he will change your life for the best.

Thank you so much Phil !

Justin Young success story at New Dorp Fitness on Staten Island

Justin Young success story at New Dorp Fitness on Staten Island.
Justin gained 20 pounds of muscle! Great accomplishment!

John Vischio success story at New Dorp Fitness on Staten Island

John Vischio sucess story at New Dorp Fitness.

Rob Troiano success story at new dorp fitness on staten island

Rob Troiano success story at new dorp fitness on staten island.

Yuriy Balla Success Story #testimonial

Yuriy Balla  a very positive man tells about   his Success Story and why  he still loves to train  at New Dorp Fitness for a long time . #fitover40


Keith Fiandra

“I have been a member of New Dorp Fitness since 2009 and I only started Personal Training with Phil Pennacchia on March of 2011. Whenever someone asks me, “how long have you been working out?,” the response is always the same: “I’ve been going to the gym for five years, but I’ve only been really working out and exercising for three years, with my personal trainer.” Currently, I training to be a professional wrestler. When I came to Phil three years ago and told him my goals he told me, “I’m absolutely going to help you achieve that.”

Personal training with Phil has unlocked potentials that I never knew I had, in more than just a physical sense. Not only has Phil helped me become physically conditioned and healthy, but he has also helped me strive emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. There is something very special about having a trainer like Phil who has you do things that you never believed you can do. I’ve been personally training with Phil for three and a half years now and I’ve always told him that I feel so much different since training with him. That feeling is a sense of accomplishment when you complete a short or long term fitness goal and the joy you feel after all the hard work pays off; this is how Phil has helped me outside the gym. Knowing how to set fitness goals for yourself, especially when you achieve those goals, will help you set and achieve real life goals; having someone like Phil to guide you is something you have to see to believe (and I promise you will not be disappointed).

Phil has even inspired me to become a Personal Trainer myself (certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine) and with the amount of knowledge I attained while training with Phil, I have what it takes to help anyone achieve their fitness goals. Phil’s professionalism and knowledge of fitness and nutrition, along with his very friendly demeanor, are all in a class of their own and you will be amazed if you ever had an opportunity to talk or train with him.”

Steve Young

“I have been a member of New Dorp Fitness for over ten years. I can proudly say that the owner, Phil Pennacchia, is very professional and extremely educated in his mastered field: Fitness. No matter what your personal goals are for your body, Phil will create the perfect workout and train you not only physically, but mentally as well by getting you in the right mind set to help push yourself to achieve your goals. Whether you want to slim down and tone up for summer or increase strength and bulk up for winter, Phil will put you on the right course to make it happen.

Over the years I have seen him train clients of all ages, from kids in their young teens to the elderly. Phil takes pride in his work and he has a passion for helping people make their lives better. I started training under Phil’s wing at 13 years old when I was a heavy young teen. He worked with me to help me lose the weight, but he also helped guide me in the right directions in life which has molded me into the man I am today.

I attended college in Rhode Island where I was a member of several different gyms. I saw how the personal trainers were and how they treated their clients. I can honestly say that Phil cares more about his clients and helping them achieve their goals, than any other personal trainer I have ever seen. The man eats, sleeps and breathes fitness and passing on his knowledge to others. He has never went to work a day in his life because he loves what he does. That is the person I want training me!”




“As a pastor, I had focused on caring for others, growing careless with regard to my own health. I got a wake-up call when a doctor friend offered to introduce me to his personal trainer. New Dorp Fitness has helped me to pay attention to diet and exercise so that by taking care of myself, I would have more to offer others. In four months, I’m down forty pounds. Now I’m being a better steward of my health, and having fun in the process!”