The New Dorp Fitness Story

In 1998 Rod and Risa Stewart started New Dorp Fitness, the area’s first personal training club. Today, it is the only full service personal training gym around and remains the best. Along the way we’ve introduced our community to functional training, doFIT’s Exerspy Armbands and many other real fitness movements before they became mainstream. It is our pleasure and mission to to continue to bring our members the best tools for success.

For many, Nutrition is the missing link. We’ve got that covered too. Since 2000 we’ve partnered with the nutrition experts at DotFit (as seen on Dr. Oz). Our members have lost thousands of pounds and have kept it off through sound eating plans and the best researched nutritional supplements on the planet.

Rod and Risa Stewart – Owners

New Dorp Fitness OwnersRod has spent his entire career helping others achieve their goals in health and fitness. Thousands of pounds have been lost, many lifestyle diseases have been corrected, tremendous athletic endeavors have been attained and the power of rediscovering one’s youth and vitality are all a part of his continuing mission. Since graduating from the University of Florida he attained many accolades and certifications and furthered his studies to include massage therapy. Rod has a strong relationship with the medical community and is recognized as a master practitioner in advanced flexibility techniques, injury assessment and corrective exercise.

He has spoken around the country on these topics and he has educated others on every level, from grade school to college, from clients to colleagues in just about every health discipline. Rod has been a great mentor to many graduating college students pursuing excellence in health and fitness. He has the distinction of being one of Brevard’s first personal trainers and Spinning® instructors. In 1998 he opened New Dorp Fitness in Staten Island, FL. The club, now located in Suntree, is known as the area’s destination for personal training, weight loss and athletic performance.

Rod has created a unique answer to the typical gym with his “everyone’s an athlete” approach. He is nationally known as a pioneer in functional and Group Personal Training. He is a master motivator, continuing to innovate and find new ways to inspire and help others strive for excellence in health and performance. With over 20 years devoted to wellness and as one of the Founding members of the Space Coast Extreme Makeover Team, Rod takes the greatest pride in all of the lives he has helped transform and the impact this has had on our community.