Weight Loss

If you’re like most people looking to begin their fitness journey, then you probably have some weight you want to lose. Whether it’s 10 lbs or 100lbs, we’ve got a program for you. We have partnered with the best dietitians and nutrition specialists in the country to offer our members cutting edge nutrition and weight loss programming. This includes high-tech calorie and activity tracking, a web based platform for education, food logging and progress charting, the very best and safest in nutritional supplements as well as coaching and support. We recognized long ago that successful fitness in most people’s minds includes weight loss. So, we’re proud to be the only health club in Staten Island, Florida that offers and includes the highest level of nutrition program integration.

Fast Track Weight Loss!

Weight Loss for those with big weight loss goals or those that want to see big time improvements in the shortest time possible

Do you yearn to feel younger and stay that way? Do you need to lose 20 lbs. or more and want it off NOW? Would you like to be able to excel at any sport or daily activity? Do you want to feel strong and fit? Now you can! This program is for the individual ready to make a change and take control of their life!

This is the Fast Track to a NEW YOU!  You can chip away at those unwanted pounds forever…or get on the Fast Track to weight you want to lose in a matter of weeks…4, 8, and 12 weeks options are available.

Just like you’ve seen on the Biggest Loser – how about losing BIG weight each week! We follow your every move and offer Guaranteed SUCCESS!

Jump Start your Fitness and Weight Loss! Get on the FAST TRACK TODAY!

Our Program Includes:

  • High-tech arm band that calculates everything from calories burned to sleep efficiency.
  • All your supplements, Meal replacement Shakes and Nutrition Bars.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of your caloric deficit and activity.
  • Full fitness assessment with periodic reassessment.
  • Dynamic, high-energy workout every day.
  • Pictures before and after.
  • Weekly weigh-in and measurements.
  • And…most importantly, UNLIMITED personal training!
  • With our coaching we guarantee your SUCCESS!

DO it NOW! Call today to schedule your consultation – 321-757-6800.

Weight Check!

An add-on program that will jump start your weight loss and keep you accountable from week to week. It includes our web based program, weekly consult and measurements, menus and deep discounts on all of your goal weight loss supplements. Members that utilize our weight loss programs are more than twice as likely to succeed with their stated goals.

What Others Say About the Program

“I lost 30 lbs – over the holidays! I feel the best since I was a kid. FAST TRACK is the next best thing to having your own personal coach 24/7.”

Jim F.

“I was “Skinny-fat,” with a body fat percentage of 26% and in 8 weeks on FAST TRACK I dropped it to 19%!”

Carol C.

“I lost 20 lbs like that! The workouts were tough but rod and the cp staff made it fun. Most importantly, now I know what it takes to stay fit and trim for the rest of my life. Thank you cp!”

Patti v.