Keith Fiandra

“I have been a member of New Dorp Fitness since 2009 and I only started Personal Training with Phil Pennacchia on March of 2011. Whenever someone asks me, “how long have you been working out?,” the response is always the same: “I’ve been going to the gym for five years, but I’ve only been really working out and exercising for three years, with my personal trainer.” Currently, I training to be a professional wrestler. When I came to Phil three years ago and told him my goals he told me, “I’m absolutely going to help you achieve that.”

Personal training with Phil has unlocked potentials that I never knew I had, in more than just a physical sense. Not only has Phil helped me become physically conditioned and healthy, but he has also helped me strive emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. There is something very special about having a trainer like Phil who has you do things that you never believed you can do. I’ve been personally training with Phil for three and a half years now and I’ve always told him that I feel so much different since training with him. That feeling is a sense of accomplishment when you complete a short or long term fitness goal and the joy you feel after all the hard work pays off; this is how Phil has helped me outside the gym. Knowing how to set fitness goals for yourself, especially when you achieve those goals, will help you set and achieve real life goals; having someone like Phil to guide you is something you have to see to believe (and I promise you will not be disappointed).

Phil has even inspired me to become a Personal Trainer myself (certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine) and with the amount of knowledge I attained while training with Phil, I have what it takes to help anyone achieve their fitness goals. Phil’s professionalism and knowledge of fitness and nutrition, along with his very friendly demeanor, are all in a class of their own and you will be amazed if you ever had an opportunity to talk or train with him.”