Ann E. Sweeney, RN, MBA

“As a senior citizen, up until recently, I was inert, doing without exercise or healthy eating habits. This all changed for the better when I hired Phil as my personal trainer at the Fitness Center in New Dorp. Now I have more upper and lower body strength and endurance, better diet, posture and vim. Phil’s individualized training focuses on the areas that need better performance with training that helps the vulnerable parts of my body ( I have rotator cuff tears in both shoulders), by strengthening those parts around it. The pace is slow enough to avoid injury, yet fast enough to feel and see improvement in my back, hands and extremities. As we age, muscle atrophy, poor posture and loss of balance are just a few of the ravages of time that we face. I feel the personal training I’ve received from Phil, a former body builder, has made those negative outcomes of older age, much less of a possibility.”