Cooler is King

The Cooler is King

That cooler sitting in your garage can be a road warriors best friend. We’re doing a lot of travel ball right now with the kids. Whether you’re doing that, a weekend getaway, road trip to visit family, going to theme parks, traveling for work etc, being prepared can save you TONS of calories and LOTS of cash.

A cooler stocked with chicken breasts, produce, eggs, protein bars, yogurts, water and the like can be the key to success. Many are diligent during …the week but it all goes to waste with bad decisions on the weekends-
especially when traveling.

Doughnuts, cheeseburgers, chips, candy, pretzels, cookies, ice cream and big gulps are conveniently ubiquitous. And depending on the venue, this stuff usually isn’t cheap. This past weekend I saw a mother drop 20 bucks on a giant lemonade and a bag of sugar pretzels for her kid!

If you can avoid the junk during the day and enjoy a nice dinner in the evening you will save your waistline and your wallet.

If you really want to change, you have to take charge. And if you’re on the road a lot, the cooler may be a good place to start. Fit Feels Good