Positivity and Your Nutrition

Better nutrition doesn’t have to be a war against your self-control where every day feels like a precarious stroll on the edge. There is a better way to start your journey, and this one tip will start you off on the right foot.

TIP: Addition first.

So often nutrition techniques are all about how to eliminate, cut out, and deprive yourself of all the “terrible” foods in the world. This leads to negative talk and self-doubt on a daily basis, who can succeed on that platform??

Instead, work on putting more food into your diet. That’s right, I want you to eat more.

  • More vegetables (do you have them at every meal?)
  • More fiber (where does that come from?)
  • More water (how much do you drink now?)
  • More protein (from bacon?)
  • More vitamins (how much is enough?)

Now, the key here is to add this stuff in and make it the priority of the meal. Eat your veggies and high fiber foods FIRST before anything else. This allows you to become full off the good foods so that you don’t crave the bad foods as much. More water and vitamins can help you feel more energetic and less hungry, too.

Use this technique and reward yourself for doing it! There are plenty of apps that use positive reinforcement for completing your goals. Set yourself up for success in 2017 with positive additions, instead of negative retractions.