Are you “Should-ing” on yourself?

Are you “SHOULD-ING” all over yourself?!

Many of us struggle with anxieties and frustrations of not being able to hit a specific health and fitness goal or even life goals, but, are you filling your head with negative self talk and irrational expectations??

“I’m not fit until I can run a marathon or deadlift 2x my bodyweight.”
“I have to-SHOULD-be married by the age of 28.”
“I have to workout everyday.”
“I have to-SHOULD-be making ‘x’ amount of money per year.”
Who says these are true?? A trainer? A magazine cover?

We make rules for ourselves and often measure our happiness, sense of well being, and often our self-worth on our ability to cross these things off a list. If “should-ing” yourself is messing you up and making you unhappy…it’s time to reevaluate!